Innovative. Original. The tread re-invented. Unlike anything offered anywhere. Think cycle class but on a tread. No matter your ability or experience level, the TEMPO of the music, the varying intervals and drills, & our motivational coaching in our signature run class will push (& pace) you so you get faster, fitter. Avg. distance: 4 miles (walkers: 2-3 miles).


Immersive. Engaging. Energizing. Just like our 45-min TEMPO class but supercharged 15 extra minutes. Cruise to the beat of the best music which keeps you going strong through our expertly structured intervals on the tread. Finish with 10 min of guided foam rolling & stretching to leave feeling hella accomplished. Avg. distance: 5-6 miles (walkers: 3-4 miles) 


Fresh. Fun. Motivating. Our namesake takes what we're known best for - time on the tread - and elevates it with an added boost of strength & conditioning on the floor. Alternating between the tread and the floor twice means you'll still get much needed mileage/time on the tread as well as incorporate resistance & plyometric-based intervals on the floor to make you stronger/faster/fitter. We don't call it HAPPY for nothing. Leave feelin' it.


Dynamic. High-Powered. Exhilarating. It's all about the High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). To fit in as much as we do in this 45-minute class - arms, legs, core, plyo & oh yeah a whole lotta of running on the tread - you gotta get hustlin'. That's what you'll do. HIIT has never been this much fun - or effective.


Completely unique to tread: think "Power Hour" without the hangover! You'll move through 4-minute HIIT segments on the tread & mat, changing your intensity/focus as the music changes. Rinse & repeat for a whole hour and you'll leave feeling badass. So fun and effective (you'll burn upwards of 800 calories in an hour) that you might forget that you're putting in the work.


Invigorating. Restorative. Fortifying. Our unique-to-tread total mind/body class that brings much needed balance. Heart rate comes up on the tread. Muscles become more flexible, long, & strong with yummy "yoga-for-runners" on the mat. You'll wonder how you ever lived without this class as part of your routine.