+ I don't consider myself a "runner", can I take your classes?

YES! First and foremost, our philosophy is that if you run at all, for any distance or any time, YOU ARE A RUNNER. Period. It's been our philosophy as Charlottesville's first treadmill studio from day one. That said, anybody and everybody - runners, recreational joggers, walkers - can take and benefit from our classes. The instructors coach each class through a series of treadmill intervals (alternating with mat-based strength exercises) using a “level” system that you use based on your own goals and fitness level. You set your intensity and pace on the treadmill! In this way, each class can (and probably will) have a combination of walkers, joggers, and more serious runners.

+ Where are you located? Do you have parking?

We have 2 studios in Virginia and one in North Carolina (and stay tuned for updates on studios in more locations on the East coast!)

In North Carolina, our Charlotte location is located at 128 E. Park Ave in the South End. We're right off the light rail and have a very large parking lot that accomadates over 20 cars. Within 5 minutes of the best the South End has to offer - Eat Wild Child, Blaze Pizza, Jenni's Ice Cream, Hot Taco, Lincoln's Haberdashery and more - and adjacent to Uptown so coming from work is easy and quick!

In Virginia, our Richmond location is located at 2300 W. Main St. smack dab in middle of The Fan district. Only a stone's throw from downtown RVA, VCU, Carytown, University of Richmond or even a short drive from the West End or Short Pump. We're right on the corner of Strawberry and Main streets. Remix Your Run® with us and then walk down for a coffee at Lamplighter, a quick bite at Strawberry St Cafe or Starlite, or grab a drink at bar faves Sticky Rice, Pearl, and Pik nik.

Our flagship studio, also in VA, is in Charlottesville located right next to the Unviersity of Virginia where tread happy was developed! The studio is located at 103 8th St NW, right off Main Street opposite the Amtrak station in Charlottesville's thriving "Midtown" neighborhood. We're a 5-minute walk from The Corner and Charlottesville's Downtown Mall. You can also drive and park at our studio. We have a dedicated parking lot adjacent to our building as well as extra parking in the spaces down behind our building with more than enough space for everyone! Walk, run, bike, or drive to our studio and after your class check out all that Midtown has to offer. Like our beer garden friends at Kardinal Hall, Continental Divide, Snowing in Space, World of Beer, and many more vibrant local businesses within a stone's throw of our studio.

+ What are the differences between the classes?

Our formula: In developing the tread HAPPY curriculum, we consulted with running coaches, collegiate athletes, and faculty members at the University of Virginia to adapt common running training activities so that everyone—runners and non-runners alike—can increase endurance, lose weight, and get super fit and toned. Each class complements one another to create a comprehensive training program: our treadHAPPY and treadHUSTLE classes incorporate both steady-state and high intensity cardio activities to promote endurance and rev metabolism; our treadFLOW and treadRECOVERY classes integrate lower-intensity activities that promote recovery, resiliency, and strength; and our treadTEMPO and treadDISTANCE classes can help build endurance and strengthen muscles, tendons, and ligaments. For more information on how we developed our classes, check out our Fitness Formula.

+ How long are we on the treadmill for each class?

Time on the treadmill (or strider) for each class varies. Depending on the class, you may be on the treadmill for short periods of time or for a longer stretch. As a part of the curriculum, the instructors will periodically move you through faster bursts and slower intervals where you will walk or jog more slowly. YOU CAN STOP TO WALK OR REST AT ANY TIME in any class and, as always, you set your own pace and intensity based on how you feel. For more details on the approximate length of time you will be on the treadmill for a given class, check out our class descriptions.

+ What is your cancellation policy?

Classes must be cancelled at least 10 hours prior to the class (i.e. 8pm the night before an early morning 6am class) in order to avoid a $22 cancellation fee and loss of class credit. We know things come up but want to make sure we give those on the waitlist a chance to participate so we ask for your help adhering to this policy; it's designed to allow as many clients as possible to enjoy class. Cancellations can be made online on the client end or by sending us an email.

+ When should I arrive? What is your late arrival policy?

It is important that you are present at least 5 minutes before the class starts. If you are not there physically at that time, you may lose your spot to someone else who has dropped in to sign up for a class or someone on the wait list. If it is your first class, we ask that you arrive at least 10-15 minutes early - we will give you a tour of the studio and a quick tutorial of the treads so you are comfortable and ready to RUN!

+ How does the waitlist work?

When you put yourself on a waitlist, you’re committing to attend if you make it into the class. You will receive an email or text notifying you that you've made it off the waitlist 10 hours or more in advance of the class. You are responsible for monitoring your email and text messages - we will expect you in class (subject to our late/no show fee). If, however, you get off the waitlist within the 8 hour window we will keep the spot for you but will not charge you if you can't come/don't show up. You can check to see you got off the waitlist within the 10 hours by logging onto your Mind Body account.

+ Do the classes / packages I buy expire?

A single class credit and our 5-class pack will expire 30 days after purchase; 10-class package expires after 75 days (2 1/2 months); and 20-class package expires after 4 1/2 months. Other package and membership options, including unlimited month packages and special promotions, such as new client discounted classes and our “tread TOGETHER” promo, expire 1-month after your first visit (not when you purchased the unlimited membership).

+ Do you offer custom training / race preparation programs?

YES we happily do! We have ongoing customized race training options for whatever your goal is. Our highly trained and dedicated team of coaches will work with you to develop a completely individualized training plan (anywhere from 12 to 18 weeks) with tailored run workouts and strength training circuits. Clients can choose to recieve the personalized training alone, which includes the plan and strength circuits along with weekly coach check-ins, or also package in studio classes to compliment their training. Several times a year we open up our training to group "teams" - these trainings provide the same level of customization and support but also draw upon the strength of training together and incorporate studio meet-ups and outdoor runs. To date we have trained hundreds of runners of all abilities; those just getting into running, those who want to capitalize on the benefits of interval running, or those more experienced runners who want to achieve a specific goal (PR, PDR, etc). To find out more about what we offer, please visit our Training page or email us at

+ Do you host special events or offer full group special rates?

We do! We love doing what we do and are so excited to help you plan a special and unique social event for you and a group of your friends (bridal shower, bachelor party event, movie night, fraternity / sorority group sesh). We will work with you to develop a theme, playlist, etc and let you choose the class you’d like us to teach. Please email us at for more info.

+ Do you have water? Do you sell other beverages?

Yes! We have cold, filtered water for you to fill up your bottle so you stay hydrated through the class. We also sell SmartWater and Pelligrino in each of our studios ($2.50 and $3.00 respectively)

+ Do you sell fitness apparel?

Yes we do! At any given time we offer a variety of tread-branded running items, such as Nike singlets, tights, long-sleeve tees, and hats. We also offer custom performance trucker HeadSweats hats and visors. We love to show our local cities tons of love so keep an eye out for our Run 434, Run 804, and Run 704-branded gear. And our tread tees are always uber popular. Our very first "Run Now Bodo's Later" t-shirt from Charlottesville can be found on runners and former waHOO's across the country from New York and out to California.

+ I’ve tried to incorporate running and HIIT in the past and have gotten injured, can these classes help me?

Everyone is different and this is a conversation you should have with your physician before taking treadHAPPY courses. You should follow any and all guidelines and recommendations that she/he provides. Each of our classes include information on common overuse injuries and incorporate activities that can help you find an optimal balance between strength and flexibility that may help you persist in your fitness goals. If you are recovering from an injury just know that you can walk in each and every class we offer. Walking is low-impact yet still highly effective in strengthening your legs and heart. We also have a Keiser M5i Strider, an easy to use elliptical machine that offers an effective lower-impact cardiovascular workout. You can reserve this machine ahead of time for the class you'd like to take.

+ I’m pregnant. Can I take tread HAPPY classes?

Again, you should always consult your physician first. We have many pregnant and new mom TREADers! We also offer special mom-to-be and new mom programs throughout the year under the guidance of a consulting OB/GYN. You should always have a conversation with your own doctor before coming to treadHAPPY. In general, we recommend that you already be physically active (and if you want to run, already be a runner). We will make any necessary modifications, while on or off the treadmill, for your safety.

+ Do you offer a student / educator / military discount?

Yes we do! We will provide a 15% discount on single classes ($19 as opposed to $22) and 5, 10, & 20 class packages for all students, educators, and military personnel with a valid ID. We also have semester unlimited specials and periodically offer special month unlimited memberships just for students, educators, and university staff. To get the discount, email us or visit us in the studio to show your ID and we'll sign you up!