Our fitness classes, workshops, and training programs are rooted in rigorous research on the optimal quantity and quality of cardiovascular and resistance / strength-based exercise. We worked closely with faculty at the University of Virginia and physicians at Martha Jefferson and in / around Charlottesville to develop each of the classes we offer. These classes are based off our formula for fitness:


This formula creates what we call a HAPPY balance. Achieving and maintaining this balance helps you reap the full mind/body benefits of exercise by promoting greater endurance, strength, and flexibility—all which boost calorie burn and prevent injury/burnout.


Put simply our formula for fitness includes STEADY-state cardio (of varying duration) to build endurance, SPEED intensity workouts to rev metabolism, and body weight STRENGTH exercises and lower-intensity STRETCH workouts to maintain an optimal balance of strength and flexibility so as to prevent injury. 


aerobic (steady, endurance, fat burning) cardiovascular exercise. 
Classes: tread TEMPO, tread DISTANCE, tread HAPPY


anaerobic (HIIT, glycogen burning, metabolism revving) cardiovascular exercise.
Classes: tread TEMPO, tread HAPPY, tread HUSTLE, tread POWER


resistance strength training to reduce body fat and strengthen key muscle
groups and connective tissue (to tone and prevent injury). Classes: ALL CLASSES


reduce stiffness and lengthen muscles (to increase flexibility and prevent injury).
Classes: tread FLOW

Taken together, our classes comprise a comprehensive and highly effective fitness routine. Alternatively, single classes can be taken to complement and fill any gaps in your existing fitness regimen. Our fitness model is unique from many existing studios that only incorporate one or two components into their class offerings. Visit our class list and/or training pages for more info on our fitness programs.