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Re-mix your life. Be your own BOSS

Not only is tread HAPPY® the only group running studio that spans several markets in the U.S. (of all differing sizes), it remains to date the ONLY musically-driven & functionally grounded treadmill studio in the whole country. What that means: tread HAPPY® has capitalized on the momentum of niche fitness and has filled, and continues to fill, a much-needed deficit in the group running/treadmill fitness space.

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Treading Together to blaze a new path.

Offering premium bespoke boutique fitness service and a superior workout experience, grounded in both highly effective functional fitness principles and tread’s exceptional teaching philosophies - as developed and honed by faculty at the University of Virginia’s School of Education, one of the country’s “public Ivy’s” - tread HAPPY has experienced exceptional success. And wants you to join the TEAM!

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Your success is our success

We’re a TEAM and that’s not just lip service. You don’t need in depth experience running a business and you certainly don’t need to be an elite runner. Make a living helping others get faster, stronger, fitter, HAPPIER. We’re with you every single step of the way!

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Making a living. Changing lives.

As a tread HAPPY studio owner, you'll run a membership-based fitness club and provide a state-of-the-art, unmatched workout experience in group fitness. You will provide leadership for a team of instructors who will coach others to get faster, fitter, and stronger. But perhaps most importantly, you will transform and [re]invogorate your members’ lives. Through their individual results and the community connections they will build - all through the studio TEAM you foster.

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This is the [RUN] remix.

tread HAPPY studios are energizing, inviting, and inspirational. They’re designed to help clients push themselves farther than what even they think is possible. Studios typically include a welcoming reception area with cold brew coffee/kombucha on tap, a social gathering area for events, lockers and changing rooms that are often stocked with complimentary towels and beauty products, and a treadmill room with top-of-the-line equipment and AV system. Studio size can range from 1,800 to 3,000 square feet - and different configurations are possible! We are well versed in build-out logistics in historic, atypical spaces as well as mixed-use shell space.

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