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Now Hiring In: Charlotte, NC

  • tread HAPPY® Charlotte is gearing up to hire its next cohort of coaches! Training will happen mid-December 2018 through February 2019 and requires 1) a certain number of classes taken/observed, 2) a full weekend (50 hours) of on-the-ground training focusing on our methodology and structure, physiology and form, and musicality and performance, 3) individually scheduled studio trainings and practice sessions for up to 4 weeks (depending on experience level), and 4) full CPR/first-aid certification and 4) commitment for RRCA-coach certification within 1-year of start date.

  • Required qualifications: we do all our in-house training (our background is in teaching teachers at the postsecondary level!) so an extensive background in running and fitness is not necessarily a pre-requisite. We do, however, require 1) a strong performance factor and ability to command groups of people, 2) an ability to count to music, and 3) a passion for awesome music and remixes and motivating others. Teaching is a big deal for us since the studio experience is so much more than the functional workout component.

  • Preferred qualifications: NASM, ACE, RRCA, and/or USATF cert preferred but also interested and will incorporate 200-hr yoga teacher training. Experience with and a love for running is also a huge bonus and most of our coaches already have extensive experience as runners (some at the elite level)! A background in providing superb customer service and sales. Experience with run/racing coaching or strength coaching also preferred but not required.

  • Email Chelsea at for more information on group audition dates and/or how to set up an audition or informational interview.